Yola Mezcal

Mexico, Oaxaca
  • Suggested Pairings
  • Tacos
  • 45% ABV
  • Organic

Made from a recipe passed down from Yola’s grandfather, this mezcal is made from a blend of organically grown espadian and madrecuixe agaves. Smoke and citrus battle each other on the nose, followed by a smooth palate with savory pineapple and floral notes. Some wild grass on the finish. Drink neat or swap into your favorite cocktails.

Yola Mezcal is made from a special combination of organic espadin and madre-cuixe blend fully ripe agave, reaching 7-10 years. Agaves are roasted in an earthen conical oven for 75 hours in the warmer months and for 96 hours in the fall and winter, which is 24 hours longer than with most mezcals. The roasted agave is then ground with stone mill and fermented in open air oak barrels, using natural yeast and filtered spring and rain water for 6 days. The mash is double-distilled in copper pot stills to proof, with the first distillation taking 10 hours and the second being a bit slower, taking as long as 15 hours.