Emme Wines Maryjane

USA, California
  • Suggested Pairings
  • Chicken
  • 11%ABV
  • Organic

Winemaker Rosalind Reynolds shows her delicate hand with this lightly style Carignon, which feels akin to a darke rosé. Carbonic maceration is responsible for a playful nose of strawberry Starburst, cotton candy and syrupy grapes. Higher acidity and beguiling minerality make this a no-brainer for fish tacos or stuffed peppers.

Rosalind Reynolds is the woman behind Emme Wines, and she works with a like-minded community of of grape growers and winemakers in Northern California to create organic wines that are crafted without additives. She makes wines that show life and energy — with a focus on how wine is as much about the community that surrounds it as it is about what’s in the glass itself,

Indigenous yeast fermentation The Carignan arrives at the winery split into two parts. Half of the fruit was immediately pressed, and the juice was racked off of gross lees and then left to ferment in stainless steel. It’s then transferred to neutral oak to age for 5 months, sur lie. It was left untouched for a week, then opened and immediately pressed without any foot crushing or skin contact. The resulting light red wine was left to ferment in stainless steel, then transferred to neutral oak to age for 5 months, sur lie. A few days before bottling, the barrels of Carignan rosé and carbonic Carignan are blended together to create a light red wine. The tight acid of the rosé and the more intense flavors of the carbonic Carignan meld well together. The resulting wine is crisp and light, but with lots of fruit and surprising texture.