Italy, Aosta Valley
  • Suggested Pairings
  • Lamb
  • Turkey
  • 12.50%ABV
  • Sustainably Farmed

Coming from the tip-top of Italy, this Valle d’Aoste Gamay will please Beaujolais fans left and right. It snagged us with its gripping acidity and fresh cherry flavors. An herbaceous, mushroomy finish lingers on the palate and deserves to be sipped with cured meats like speck or even Cajun classics like Andouille sausage.

Le Clocher winery was founded officially in 1995, but has been in the family of Danilo Charrere for many generations, mostly producing wine for personal consumption. The passion for winemaking was passed on to Charrere by his grandmother Eulalia. Vineyards are small and date back as far as 80 years, Le Clocher is located in Jovencan, Aosta Valley — a region in northern Italy known for its strong slopes. Mattia Nicoletta, the consultant winemaker, uses natural and organic farming methods.

Wild yeast fermented, this is a natural wine with as little intervention as possible. Stainless steel aged. Grapes are hand harvested. The vinification of the wine begins with meticulous sorting to ensure optimum fruit thereby producing the best wine possible.