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Cirelli Vino da Tavola Rosato

Italy, Abruzzo
  • Suggested Pairings
  • Pasta
  • Shrimp
  • 13% ABV

Rosé is more than you might think, and we love thinking about rosé. This vino da tavola rosé made entirely from organic Montepulciano is blended with grapes from different vintages, which means it might be wise beyond its years. Bright red cherry, wild strawberries, and orange peel notes abound.

Azienda Agricola Cirelli is an organic farm in Abruzzo that grows not only grapes, but also things like olive trees and veggies. They've also got animals on their land, who help to create an ecosystem that follows the rhythm of nature. The land was purchased by Francesco Cirelli in 2003, because even though he has a degree in economics, he was drawn to a dedication for organic farming. He works with indigenous varietals and ages some of his wines in time-tested amphorae.

  • Farming Practices: Organic
  • Harvesting Method: Manual
  • Soils: Calcium and clay
  • Fermentation: Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel
  • Yeast: Native
  • Sulfur: Low SO2
  • Filtration: Unfined; Unflitered
  • Maturation: Aged in stainless steel