Sauvignon Blanc


USA, California
  • Suggested Pairings
  • Salad
  • 13%ABV
  • Sonoma County

Tropical melon and pineapple? Check. Fragrant and pretty lychee? Check. This wine is everything you would expect from a New World Sauvignon Blanc. Balanced by fervent acidity and a lingering finish, this is a quaffing wine has notes of papaya, honeydew, and white peach. It finds its match with cheese-based dishes or buttery shellfish.

Cannonball was founded in 2006 by a team of wine industry vets who wanted to truly create remarkable California wines with accessibility. Based in Healdsburg, the driving force behind Cannonball is that wines should be fun and uninhibited. Grapes are sourced from select regions, allowing wine drinkers to get a glimpse into the diversity of California microclimates, topographies, and soils.

Night-harvested while the fruit is cool. Low-pressure pressing, stem removal, and capture of the free run juice. After settling on the lees, the juice is then racked to several stainless steel tanks, each of which was inoculated with a custom yeast strain chosen to optimize the expression of the fruitʼs origin. Upon completion of fermentation, the tanks are settled again, then racked and blended in preparation for bottling. No oak is incorporated in the production of this wine.